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Chongqing Weineng Purification Solutions Co., Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of oil purification equipment, was established in 2011 and located in Chongqing, China. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production, R&D and sales. For nearly 10 years, it has provided professional oil purification solutions for customers from domestic and abroad. The equipment is widely used in various industries….

  1. Transformer requires clean and dried oil. During its usage, the insulating oil absorbs moisture and gets polluted by sopping fibers, dirty particles, aging products and soot etc.,
  2. Even unused oil it is also not clean enough as it may have absorbed moisture from the air or may have got polluted in the barrel it was stored in.
  3. The efficiency of the oil as insulating material is highly reduced as the moisture level increases. Hence transformer oil filtering is an important process which eliminates solid particles, dissolved gases and dissolved water.
  4. The electrical properties of the oil can be enhanced by filtering, dehydration and degassing. ZYD helps transformers keeps in a good condition and increase its lifetime.
  1. Lubricating oil is a technology-intensive product, a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, and its real application function is the combined effect of complex physical or chemical change processes. The fundamental functions of lubricating oil include general physical and chemical functions, special physical and chemical functions and simulated bench experiments. On various types of machinery, to reduce friction and maintain liquid lubricants for machinery and processed parts, it mainly plays the role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Lubricating oil accounts for 85% of all lubricating materials, and there are many varieties and brands. At present, the annual consumption in the world is about 38 million tons.
  2. Moisture and gas in the air seep into the oil due to system leakage, poor sealing, long-term thermal load of the oil, open oil storage, etc., resulting in water and gas in the oil.Due to the leakage of the system, the entry of particles and dust in the air or the falling off of the system wear and tear, and the operation of the oil under high temperature and water for a long time will inevitably lead to part of the oil cracking and degenerating to separate colloidal substances.
  3. During the usage, various lubricating oils are exposed to the air or because of their working environment, resulting in the mixing of moisture, gas and metal impurities, which reduces the quality of the oil.
  4. The functional index of lubricating oil depends to a large extent on the water content, gas content in the oil, impurities in the oil and the pollution degree of the oil. In order to enhance the lubricating function of the oil, the oil must be dehydrated, degassed, and impurity removed under the rated vacuum degree and temperature. Then it is necessary to use a special WEINENG TYA OIL PURIFIER to filter the lubricating oil, so as to ensure the function of the lubricating oil.
  1. Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high- molecule polymeric material.
  2. Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating method. It can thoroughly clear away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water.
  3. With distinctive removing impurities technique filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer material, this machine can make the ß3 equal or surpass 200 and make the cleanness lower grade 6(NAS1638).
  4. With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.
  5. With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.
  6. On-line oil purification can be carried out with turbine or water turbine automatically without any person.
  1. Simple structure, plate pressure type filtering method, filter paper,filter fuse or filter cloth as filter media.
  2. No heating, the additives in the oil are well prevented from degradation or deterioration.
  3. Easy to operate, with simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to carry and operate.
  4. Low operation cost, low maintenance time and cost
  5. Special boosting type oil pump has strong suction ability and make the machine to be used in more oil types.
  6. Low noise, quick and convenient to replace the filter paper.
  7. High efficiency, can effectively purify the tiny and fine mechanical impurity from oil.

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