Portable Oil Purifier

JL portable oil purifier can do precision filtering, remove the tiny or big sized impurity, metal particles,sediments,sludge,residue from used cooking oil, fried food oil, shortening oil,palm oil,Coconut oil,vegetable shortening oil, sunflower oil,groundnut oil, olive oil,trench oil, swill oil and animal oil, edible rapeseed oil, tea oil, peanut oil,and also various high-precision lubricant oil,lube pump oil, phosphate ester oil, fire resistant hydraulic oil ,turbine oil,gear oil,compressor oil,various cutting fluids, heat treatment oil,and different industrial oil.
It is also used for oil tranferring, oil filing for oil tanks.
it is usually equips three-stage filters, also can equip four or five stage filters as per user’s
requirements .
-According to the treated oil usages, you can choose different machine body (carbon steel or stainless steel material optional)
-If your oil is high viscosity, we advise you choose a heater.
-If your oil contains metal particles, we advise you choose magnetic filter elements
-If your oil contains too much water content,we suggest you choose vacuum oil purifier
Light weight, easy operation, it can be used as oiling machine for long distance and high-lift oiling works.

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JL-32(1920LPH) Portable Oil Purifier

For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries: Description | Applications The JL Series Portable Oil Purifier is mainly used to filter the impurities in transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, Gear oil, machine oil and other lubricating oils in power plants, power stations, Electrical substation of industrial and mining enterprises, Machine tractor station, petroleum, chemical,…