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6000LPH Transformer Oil Purifier Successfully Commissioned on Site

Today we are glad to have feedabck from our client about the 6000LPH transformer oil purifier, the machine successfully operate on site. It is a 6000LPH transformer oil purifier with waterproof, it could protect the oil purifier from wind, dust etc, also can be as a shelter for the operator.

For a transformer, it has very strictly requirements for the transformer oil, so the transformer oil needs regular maintenance and always maintains its unique high cleanliness like 3 micron, and the moisture requirement in the transformer oil is very high like below 3~5ppm. Therefore, even new transformer oil will be contaminated by moisture in the air. So it is essential to clean and filter the transformer oil regularly and maintain the transformer oil.

Our transformer oil purifier can not only purify and filter the transformer oil, and keep the transformer oil cleaning as required standard all the time. It can also be used as an independent vacuum pumping unit for vacuuming the transformer. And vacuuming the transformer is also an essential task for transformers. Therefore, our transformer oil purification machine is a multi-functional and very practical transformer maintenance equipment.

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