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Why does lubricant oil need an oil purifier?

Lubricating oil is a technology-intensive product, a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, and its real application function is the comprehensive effect of complex physical or chemical change process. The basic functions of lubricating oil include general physical and chemical functions, special physical and chemical functions and simulation bench tests. In order to reduce friction and maintain the machinery and processing parts, the liquid lubricator mainly plays the role of smoothing, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering on various types of machinery. Smooth oil accounts for 85% of all lubricating materials, with a wide variety of brands. Now the world’s annual consumption is about 38 million tons.

Why use oil filter for lubricating oil

1. Water and gas in the air seep into the oil due to system leakage, poor sealing, oil under thermal load for a long time, open oil storage and other reasons, resulting in water and gas in the oil.

2. Because of the system leakage, the particle dust in the air enters or the system wear dust falls off, and the oil operates under high temperature and water for a long time, which will inevitably lead to part of the oil cracking and metamorphosis to separate out colloidal substances.

Damage caused by water, gas and impurities in the oil: rapidly oxidize the oil to form acidic substances and corrode the metal contact surface; The additive precipitation in the oil fails, the thickness of the oil smooth film decreases, and the wear of the mechanical contact surface increases; The smooth, cooling and flowing functions of the oil decrease, which accelerates the fatigue of the metal surface; Ice crystals formed at low temperature block the elements; The response of the oil system is slow and accompanied by irregular action, and the conduction function decreases; The oil transfer pump and power equipment are damaged due to cavitation.

The functional index of lubricating oil depends largely on the water content, gas content, impurities in oil and oil pollution. In order to enhance the smooth function of the oil, the oil must be purified under the rated vacuum and temperature, such as dehydration, degassing and impurity removal. Then the special oil filter should be used to filter the smooth oil, so as to ensure the function of the smooth oil.

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