Dry Air Generator

The dry air generator is suitable for providing low dew point dry air during the installation or maintenance of power equipment such as transformers and reactors. The dry air provided by it can ensure that the internal insulation materials of power equipment are not affected by moisture, and workers will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen while working inside the equipment. Compared to using nitrogen, dry air is safer, more reliable, more economical, and more convenient. When using a dry air generator for equipment maintenance, it is not affected by changes in external climate conditions; Especially for overnight operations, all you need to do is seal the flanges and fill them with dry air to 0.02MPa~0.03MPa. The lower the dew point of the air, the less water content in the air, and the drier the gas equipment. When the atmospheric dew point is 20 ℃, the water content in the air is 17.8g/M ³; When the atmospheric dew point is -70 ℃, the water content in the air is 0.005g/M ³.

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