Transformer Vacuum Pumping System

VPS Series Transformer Vacuum Pumping System is widely used in transformer vacuum drying, GIS vacuum drying, transformer installation vacuum drying, etc. Vacuum pumping of power transformer and other electrical vacuum equipment in transformer substation, administration of power supply, power generation plant, and transformer manufactory, etc. VPS is unsuitable for pumping toxic gas, explosive gas, high-oxygen content gas, high-moisture content gas, and the gas which will be reaction to pump oil or cause erosive effect on ferrous metal.

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VPS Transformer Vacuum Pumping System

For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries: Description | Applications | Features | Structure Drawing | Specifications Index Unit VPS-30 VPS-70 VPS-150 VPS-300 VPS-600 VPS-1200 Pumping Speed L/S 30 70 150 300 600 1200 Ultimate Vacuum < 5Pa Working Vacuum 133Pa Main Pump   ZJP-30 ZJP-70 ZJP-150 ZJP-300 ZJP-600 ZJP-1200 Backing Pump   2X-4 2X-8 2X-15 2X-30 2X-70 2X-150 Power KW…