VPS Transformer Vacuum Pumping System

  • Widely used in power transformers, GIS vacuum drying, transformer installation vacuum drying, etc;
  • Compact design, more convenient for clients to carry machines to different sites;
  • Cooperation with international&domestic reputed brands;
  • Automatic control system, equipped with comprehensive protection mechanism;
  • Capacity 30L/S to 12000L/S or as requested;
  • 13 Years of purifier manufacturing experience;
  • Customizable;
  • 2 years warranty, 7*24 hours technical support and after services.

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| Applications

  • VPS Series Transformer Vacuum Pumping System is widely used in transformer vacuum drying, GIS vacuum drying, transformer installation vacuum drying, etc.
  • Vacuum pumping of power transformer and other electrical vacuum equipment in transformer substation, administration of power supply, power generation plant, and transformer manufactory, etc.
  • VPS is unsuitable for pumping toxic gas, explosive gas, high-oxygen content gas, high-moisture content gas, and the gas that will react to pump oil or cause an erosive effect on ferrous metal.

| Features

  • The machine adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump, so the vacuum pumping speed and pressure, are better than any other devices.
  • Working vacuum range and maximum vacuum degree are superior to other products.
  • It’s equipped with a control panel for controlling the operation of pumps.
  • Consist of necessary high-quality pipelines and valves to operate the system.
  • It is installed with a special vacuum gauge for accurate indication.
  • It adopts an automatic vacuum relay for automatic control.
  • Stable and reliable operation, low noise, and easy to move.

| Structure Drawing

| Specifications

Pumping SpeedL/S30701503006001200
Ultimate Vacuum< 5Pa
Working Vacuum133Pa
Main Pump ZJP-30ZJP-70ZJP-150ZJP-300ZJP-600ZJP-1200
Backing Pump 2X-42X-82X-152X-302X-702X-150
Power Supply380V/ 50HZ/ 3PHASE (As per client’s request)

| Oil Parameter After Purification

Breakdown Voltage>60 KV
Gas Content≤0.1%
Water Content<10 PPM
Particle Size≤1 ~ 5(no free carbon)
Acid Value≤0.03 mgKOH/g
Dielectric Loss Factorstgδ () % ≤0.001
Acid Value≤0.01 mg koH/g