ZYD-I-30(1800LPH) Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  • Widely used in transformers installation, maintenance, manufacturing, oil production, etc fields;
  • Oil regeneration machine applied to remove moisture, gas, particles, acid, free carbon, etc from aging insulation oil;
  • Compact design, more convenient for clients to carry machines to different sites;
  • Cooperation with international&domestic reputed brands;
  • Automatic control system, equipped with comprehensive protection mechanism;
  • 13 Years of purifier manufacturing experience;
  • Customizable, moisture analyzer, particles counter, etc available;
  • 2 years warranty, 7*24 hours technical support and after services.

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| Why You Need a ZYD-I-30 Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine?

  • The transformer requires clean and dried oil. During its usage, the insulating oil absorbs moisture and gets polluted by sopping fibers, dirty particles, aging products soot, etc.
  • Even unused oil is not clean enough as it may have absorbed moisture from the air or may have got polluted in the barrel it was stored in.
  • The efficiency of the oil as an insulating material is highly reduced as the moisture level increases. Hence transformer oil filtering is an important process that eliminates solid particles, dissolved gases and dissolved water.
  • The electrical properties of the oil can be enhanced by filtering, dehydration and degassing. ZY helps transformers keep in good condition and increase their lifetime.

-Transformer Oil
-Mutual Inductor Oil
-Switch Oil
-Other Insulation Oil

| The Differences Between ZY&ZYD

  • Compared with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier(ZY), the two-stage vacuum oil purifier(ZYD) adds a Roots pump for strengthing the booster system, a two-stage vacuum system, an infrared progressive scanning automatic control system and a three-dimensional rapid evaporation system.
  • ZYD’s dehydration, degassing, acid value removal, free carbon removal, etc., the ultimate withstand voltage value of transformer oil after treatment is higher. Besides, it be used as an oil purification machine, but it also can be used as an independent vacuum source for vacuum drying and oil filling of transformer equipment.
  • ZYD can effectively filter free water and dissolved water in the oil, as well as free gas and dissolved gas. The two-stage high-efficiency vacuum system adopts vacuum separation technology, which can effectively and quickly remove water in oil. parts, acetylene, acid value, mechanical impurities, free carbon, colloid, etc.; improving the pressure resistance value of oil.

| Applications

  • WEINENG ZYD Series Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is specially designed for treating transformer oil and other kinds of insulating oil in oil-filled electrical equipment. Through oil dehydration, degasification, and filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, and contamination can be completely removed from oil. After treatment, the insulating oil breakdown voltage recovered, the oil’s quality improved, oil’s properties were restored, extending the transformer oil service life, and also extending the transformer and electric equipment service life and reliability.
  • Meanwhile, except for the basic function of transformer oil purification, our ZYD Series Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier can be also used as vacuum oil drying/ vacuum oil oiling/ vacuum pumping equipment for transformers.

| Features

  • ZYD equips not only a vacuum pump, but also a booster pump, the combination helps to fast vacuum speed, and reaches a very good ultimate vacuum. High vacuum: Ultimate vacuum ≤ 5Pa Working vacuum ≤ 35Pa, High absorption speed: absorption speed power ≥ 333L/S.
  • By using large area Duplex 3D Flash Vaporization Technology, it quickly evaporates liquid water as well as degassing.
  • UK G tech by which the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water, can removed effectively.
  • Equipping comprehensive machine protection systems, such as power protection, pressure protection, oil liquid level observing system, etc. Make sure the machine works normally.
  • With a three-stage filtration system, it could remove particles thoroughly. And due to the precision of the filters. Each stage filters certain sizes of particles, effectively prolonging the filter’s lifetime, and protecting the machine.
  • Fully automatic temperature controlling system and thermal heating system, automatic oil level control system, etc prevent oil from being carbonized, and make sure the machine works safely and smoothly.
  • Machine applied to vacuum oiling, drying as well and filtration to power equipment. And also can be operated both on-load and off-load.

| Flow Chart

| Structure Drawing

| Specifications

Working vacuumMpa-0.08 ~ -0.099
Working PressureMpa≤0.3
Temperature 20 ~ 80
Power415V/3P/50HZ(as per customer’s request)
Working NoiseDb(A)75757580808080
Heating PowerKW303648607590120
Total PowerKW35.5405571.486.5102.5135
Inlet/Outlet  mmφ25φ32φ42φ50φ50φ60φ60

| Oil Parameter After Purification

Breakdown Voltage>75 KV
Gas Content≤0.1%
Water Content<5 PPM
Particle Size≤1 ~ 5(no free carbon)
Acid Value≤0.03 mgKOH/g
Dielectric Loss Factorstgδ () % ≤0.001
Acid Value≤0.01 mg koH/g

| Machine’s Main Advantaged Technologies

  • The free water and water vapor pass through the coalescing separation device (mainly with oleophilic hydrophobic and hydrophilic oleophobic materials), which mainly allows the oil to pass smoothly and the water is automatically separated; for the dissolved water and the emulsified water, the polymer is broken. The emulsification system, the German three-dimensional flashing technology, the atomization generating device, the three-dimensional evaporation device, the thin film vaporization, the Bower’s expansion device for the micro water, the binary dehydration device is truly realized, the moisture in the oil is quickly separated, and Deep dewatering, reaching ≤5PPM
  • Adopting the most advanced low-temperature plasma, micro-gram technology, circulating distillation and other technologies, the water and gas in the oil are automatically dehydrated and automatically emulsified by the aggregation and separation technology to remove a large amount of water from the oil. This process removes 100% free water and free gas, 80% dissolved water and 65% dissolved gas. After that, the oil containing traces of moisture and gas is fully atomized by three-dimensional flash evaporation technology to increase the thinning of oil, water and gas molecules, and then the gas in the deep and more cut-out oil.
  • We adopt the double mesh type impurity removal method, firstly removing all the impurities containing impurities with particle size ≥5μm or more in the oil through the filter; then use the molecular adsorption material (HDM) imported from Germany to make the FH filter ≤5μm impurities. By removing the impurities of 1-5 μm in the oil by adsorption, the cleanliness of the oil is guaranteed to reach NSA level 6.
  • It has pressure overload protection, automatic anti-dry burning, automatic defoaming, and a unique infrared liquid level automatic control device (better than a photoelectric automatic control device), which can automatically adjust the balance of oil in and out to achieve man-machine separation and make the operation more convenient and reliable.

| Transformer Oil

1. The composition of transformer oil

  • Transformer oil is a kind of mineral oil, refined from petroleum. Transformer oil contains alkanes, naphthenes and aromatic hydrocarbons, which will solidify at low temperatures and decompose and burn at high temperatures. Transformer oil decomposes into methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, hydrogen and water at high temperatures. The temperature at the point of accident can be determined after a transformer accident by measuring the ratio of the various gases through chromatography analysis of the transformer oil.

2. The role of transformer oil

  • Insulation role: transformer oil isolates the charged parts of different potentials so that no short circuit is formed.
  • Cooling effect: transformer oil can absorb the heat generated inside the core and winding, and then make the heat emitted through the circulation of oil, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Arc extinguishing effect: In oil circuit breakers and transformer on-load regulator switches, the contact switching will generate an arc. Transformer oil can decompose a large amount of gas under the high temperature of the arc, resulting in greater pressure, thus improving the interrupting performance of the medium, so that the arc is quickly extinguished.

3. The basic requirements of transformer oil

  • The basic requirements of electrical equipment for transformer oil are a high dielectric strength, to adapt to different working voltages a low viscosity to meet the needs of circulating convection and heat transfer. have a high flash point temperature to meet the requirements of fire protection. It has enough low-temperature performance to resist the low-temperature environment that the equipment may encounter and has good oxidation resistance to ensure that the oil has a long service life.

4. Expansion of transformer oil

  • Transformer oil will be thermal expansion and contraction, its volume change rate is seven-ten thousandths. Every time the temperature changes, the volume increases or decreases by seven ten thousandths.
  • When the transformer is running, the top oil temperature is allowed to rise to 55℃. From this, the volume change of transformer oil can be calculated as 7*55/10000 = 3.85%.
  • Oil-immersed transformers need to have 5% to 8% space for transformer oil to expand and contract thermally.
  • Oil-immersed transformers use oil storage cabinets (oil pillow), corrugated oil tanks and corrugated oil storage cabinets as the space for thermal expansion and contraction.

| Machine Pictures