TY-50(3000LPH) Turbine Oil Purifier

  • Widely used for various types of machinery;
  • Compact design, it removes moisture, gas and particles from used oil;
  • Cooperation with international&domestic reputed brands;
  • Automatic control system, equipped with comprehensive protection mechanism;
  • Flow rate 1800LPH to 30000LPH or as requested;
  • 13 Years of purifier manufacturing experience;
  • Customizable, moisture analyzer, particles counter, etc available;
  • 2 years warranty, 7*24 hours technical support and after services.

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| Applications

Steam turbine oil, also known as turbine oil, usually includes steam turbine oil, gas turbine oil, hydraulic turbine oil, and oxygen-resistant turbine oil. It is mainly used for the lubrication of steam turbine oil and sliding bearings, reduction gears, speed governors, and hydraulic control systems of associated power units. The main functions of turbine oil are lubrication, cooling, and speed regulation.

According to the functional characteristics of turbine oil, to ensure the safe and economic operation of the turbine unit, turbine oil must have:

  • Good oxidation stability;
  • Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature properties;
  • Good anti emulsification performance;
  • Good rust and corrosion resistance;
  • Good anti-foaming and air-release properties.

What does the WEINENG TY turbine oil purifier do?

It is mainly used for turbine oil treatment in power generation units, it can quickly and efficiently remove moisture, gases, and impurities from the oil. Ensure that the quality indicators of the oil meet the new oil standards, ensure the normal operation of the unit regulation and lubrication system, and extend the maintenance cycle of the unit. Adopting internationally advanced principles of enhanced hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, dehydration and precision filtration are integrated to achieve online demulsification, dehydration, acid removal, and impurity removal, making severely turbid emulsified turbine oil clear and transparent. Suitable for deep dehydration and purification of transparent oil, hydraulic oil, refrigeration oil, and other lubricating oils that require the removal of a large amount of water and achieve precise filtration of impurities.

| Features

  • Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high-molecule polymeric material.
  • Dewatering very effectively with one and two-step dehydrating methods. It can thoroughly clear away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water.
  • With a distinctive removing impurities technique filtering through a double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by a high polymer material, this machine can make the ß3 equal or surpass 200 and make the cleanness lower grade 6(NAS1638).
  • With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back-flushing system.
  • With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.
  • On-line oil purification can be carried out with a turbine or water turbine automatically without any person.

| Flow Chart

| Structure Drawing

1.Oil Inlet Valve; 2. Primary filter; 3. heater; 4. temperature controller; 5. water separator one; 6. water separator two; 7. isolation valve one; 8. isolation valve two; 9. isolation valve three; 10. Water Storage Tank; 11. Level gauge for water storage tank; 12. Gas valve for water storage tank; 13. Drain valve for water storage tank; 14. Solenoid valve; 15. by-pass valve for vacuum separator; 16. vacuum separator; 17. gas valve for vacuum separator; 18. level gauge for vacuum separator; 19. drain valve for vacuum separator; 20. oil outlet pump; 21. pressure controller; 22. pressure gauge; 23. circulation valve; 24. fine filter; 25. drain valve for fine filter; 26. sample valve; 27. oil outlet valve; 28. vacuum gauge; 29. demister; 30. drain valve for demister; 32. cooler; 33. isolation valve for cooler; 34. water receiver; 35. level gauge for water receiver; 36. gas valve for water receiver; 37. drain valve for water receiver; 38. vacuum valve; 39. compensator; 40. vacuum pump.

| Specifications

Flow rateLiters/hour600120024003000600090001200024000
Working Vacuum DegreeMPa-0.06 ~ -0.095
Working PressureMPa    ≤ 0.3 
40 ~ 70 
Water contentPPM≤80
Impurity contentμm≤5
Gas content%≤0.1 %
CleannessNAS≤6 grade (NAS1638)
Demulsification valuemin≤15 (GB/F 7305)
Power Supply3 Phase, 50 Hz, 380V (or as per requirement)
Heating powerkW1215182445607284
Total powerkW1417212748668197
Inlet/outlet calibermm2525253242505060

| Maintenance

After a certain period of running, the machine should be checked to see whether

  • The electrical control system is safe and reliable.
  • The temperature controller is sensitive, reliable and accurate.
  • The oil seals of the pump shaft are broken with leakage.
  • There is any blockage with the running system and any abnormal noise with pumps or related motors.
  • There is any air or oil leakage with the oil running system and at the sealing joints.
  • After every 3000 hours running, grease shall be replenished to prevent motors from being burnt.
  • Special vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil N46 should be used for the vacuum pump and oil replaced or replenished if necessary at any time.
  • If the machine will not be used over 1 month, Place the machine in a dry environment with the panel door and all valves closed, and the machine properly protected by a covering.

| Precautions For Use

  • Keep all pumps clean to prevent the impurities.
  • About use and protection, please refer to the introduction.
  • Release water in the cooler regularly.
  • Use (kk-1) lubricating oil for vacuum pump.
  • If there is no oil flowing in the heater, stop heating by electrical. Heat when the liquid meter of the vacuum tank shows that the quantity of inlet oil and outlet oil arrive at balance.
  • If the working pressure of the vacuum filter system arrives at 0.2Mpa, change or clean the filter.
  • Clean filter elements usually avoid jamming which can cause the oil inlet to be slow or high pressure.
  • Remember all parts’ setting position when maintenance, then fasten them.
  • When it is running, check pipes, valves and electromotor at any moment.
  • Protective grounding, check whether the direction of rotation is the same as the requirement, and make sure there are no jamming and loosing.
  • Read the instructions carefully before operation.
  • If laid aside for a long time, drain away the vacuum pump oil and fill it with new oil. At the same time, turn on the oiling valve, and release all oil.

| Machine Picture Display

| Machine Picture Display

| Machine Picture Display